How to accept SmartCash for your online business

if running a website I would recommend coinpayments or mycryptocheckout as solution.

By now this would be the easiest way, there will be a better solution soon.

Whether you want to convert or hold your coins, we’ve got you covered.


OPTION 1 Keep the SmartCash you earn

There are many options available if you want to be paid in SmartCash and keep the coins you earn.

OPTION 2 Immediately convert the SmartCash to your local currency

We already have Brazil, EU, Ghana and other.



In case you add the SmartCash accepted logo and the buy with SmartCash logo or you can have both SmartCash accepted and buy with SmartCash button at checkout you will have a better premium placement ( Feature Merchant). You can find logo here

HERE ARE A Guide to Accepting SmartCash Payments for Your Online Store