How to accept SmartCash at your brick-and-mortar business

Receive payments instantly from your SmartCash customers.

How it works

STEP 1 Download SmartPay app onto your smartphone or tablet

  1. Go to and register account for your business
  2. Add a location
  3. Login to SmartPay
  4. You’re ready for payment!

STEP 2 Enter the amount due into your SmartPay app

Ring up your customer as you usually would and get the total amount due. But rather than asking for cash or a credit card, enter the amount into your SmartPay app.

STEP 3 Scan Customer SmartCard QR

Once you’ve entered the amount into your wallet, use SmartPay app to scan Customer SmartCard QR code. Customer will enter  PIN number, the money will be sent to your account. The transaction will be lightning fast, secure and practically free.

STEP 4 Cash out to your local currency

If you decide to hold and spend your SmartCash without converting it to fiat, that’s great! But if you want to cash out you’ll need to sign up with a company like Coinbase

SmartCard Introduction

SmartCash for Business

SmartCard : How To Set Up and Use

SmartCard Setup and Business Payments Demo


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